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Perfect Loop Plier  Order Now-  $12  <click here>

  • This plier features a concave and round nose shape.  Wrap your wire around the round nose portion, once you close the plier, the concave shape will bend the wire into a perfect 180 degree circle.  Just move the pliers one or two times around and you have a perfect circle!
  • The plier does all the work, making loops very fast and simple
  • Can use even on the sturdiest metals.  Even good for memory wire ends.
  • Please note: The quality of this plier is not as good as our other pliers, however, it works great regardless of it's appearance.  We highly recommend this plier, as we use it for most of our beading projects.  No matter what level beader you are, we are confident this tool will help you get through your project with style, speed and ease.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with this item, please return to us and we will refund you the cost of the plier PLUS any shipping cost we charged you.  ($5 shipping for orders <$50, $0 for orders $50 up)
One Plier - Many Techniques - Click on image below for details