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Are your Swarovski Crystal Genuine?
Our Swarovski crystals come from bulk sealed Swarovski package.  For the convenience of our customer, we open these packages and sell in smaller quantities.
Depending on the size, the bulk packages will range from 1/2 gross to  10 gross (1440 pcs) and will be in well branded, sealed envelopes.  The sealed package will have the authentic Silver-tone Hologram which says, Crystallized.  All our packages are loose, therefore do not have the hologram seal.  If you would like to buy the full hologram sealed package, please let us know which Swarovski bead you would like and we will let  you know how many pieces you would need to purchase to get the full sealed Swarovski package.

Since Swarovski crystals are machine cut, each crystal will be the same as the next!
That means that all Swarovski crystals will have the very same height, the same width and the same slope. An imposter bead will not be uniform and you may even notice different dimensions in their beads.

Because Swarovski uses a computer to calculate the precision cutting of the facets, all facet junctures will meet at precisely the same point

The precision cutting of Swarovski machinery allows each crystal to have its facet juncture "pointing up".

This means the facet junctures all meet at precisely the same point. This is a similar aspect of diamond faceting. See the illustration above. This is an example of the round Swarovski crystals, but the same effort goes into the bi-cone and other crystals.

The AB finish Swarovski crystals all have a uniform surface lustre!
You will not see any swirling marks from the vacuum process that produces the AB finish. The imposters often have scratches or swirl marks (looks like an oily surface), and is caused by the lower quality of the finish.

When you look inside the Swarovski crystals, you will not see any bubbles!

Swarovski crystals will out-shine and out-sparkle lesser beads because of the special glass compounds!

How come your beads do not have the swan logo?
The Swarovski Swan Logo will NOT be used by reputable dealers selling beads and components!
The Swan logo is only used for their Jewellery and Gift line. It is illegal to be used in conjunction with the beads or other components.
Sterling Silver
Our sterling silver are 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.
Why mix copper with pure silver? 3 main reason.
1) Pure Silver tends to oxidize (tarnish) quickly, changing it to a yellow/brown color. The 7.5% copper is used to make sterling silver slow down the tarnishing process. 
2) pure silver is a very soft metal. It can bend or break easily. Copper is extremely strong and durable, mixing copper with silver will ensure  your sterling silver jewelry will last a longer and be more resistant to scratches.
Most of our sterling silver findings are stamped with 925 on the finding.  (There are some exceptions like jump rings where the size of this finding does not allow enough room for a 925 stamp)
Ways to test for Sterling Silver
1.Sterling silver will not attract a magnet. Put a magnet close to one of our sterling silver finding, if the magnet is attracted, it is not silver.  (some exceptions to this test.  For example, Spring ring will fail this test.  Although it is 925 sterling silver, there is metal material inside the spring ring to allow the ring to spring back and forth.  This metal material inside the Spring Ring will attract the magnet, but we can assure you other than the metal component, the finding is 925 sterling silver)

2.Add a drop of nitric acid also can test the sterling silver easily. If the finding is silver plated, or of low quality silver, it  will turn green because of the high copper content, while the sterling will turn a creamy color.
Gold Filled Findings
Our gold filled findings are made from a layer of 14Karat or better gold mechanically bonded under heat & pressure to one or more surfaces of supporting base metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness. Gold-Filled items are generally considered life-time products, and the gold layer will not quickly wear off, as it will in electroplated products.