Evil Eye beads for Sale

evil eye bead or nazar boncuk old production technics in izmir

The Evil Eye Bead. This thousands of years old talisman continues to fight against the evil eyes all over the world. This tradition still lives in Turkey. The glimmering evil eye beads that are hand made with ancient methods by a very few glass masters, are distributed from Anatolia to the whole world.

RASIM ALTMISKARA / Evil Eye Bead Master - The technique we use for nazar boncugu - evil eye bead making is primitive. It's totally hand made. We use a thick and a thin iron rod. We roll the base of the nazar bead on the thick rod. This is the base. We add the white and the blue of the eyes with the thin rod. Just these two rods are our tools.old eye bead furnaces working with pine wood There is this yellow eye on our beads. We make the oxide of this yellow from a mixture of zinc, metal and lead. I wonder if any chemist can make the same colour. It's one of our secrets.

Prof.Dr. NUSRET KAYA / Psychiatrist - We find the eye figure in the 5000 year old ancient Egyptian culture. The symbol of Goddess Osiris is an eye...The subconscious system makes contacts with the eyes.evil eye bead making That is, the neurotic energy from subconscious, a powerful neurotic energy effects the subconscious of the other people...And since excessive neurotic is contagious energy, an irritating, disturbing energy, it can cause sickness.

OSMAN SAGLAM / Evil Eye Bead Master - When I was at the age of primary school, my brothers were practising this art. After the school, I used to help them.baby protection eye beads Feeding the fire, bringing them whatever they need... I worked as an apprentice for 2 or 3 years. Then I started to make my own nazar beads. And I still continue...60 years ago there were 7 or 8 furnaces. Now there are only three. Young generations do not want to learn it...I do not know what will happen after we pass away. Nobody is learning this art. I'll have to give up very soon. I'm getting older. Both of my eyes had surgical operation. I have to give up. How long can I continue? Six months, a year, and then it will be over for me

HAGOP CAN HULYAR / Goldsmith - All I do is based on the evil eye beads. All my jewellery has nazar boncugu. I use different sizes of beads. I believe that evil eye beads are protective items and that's why I began to use them in my jewels. When the bead cracks, they say that "It cracked because it took over the evil that would harm you." It's what we believe.

evil eye amulet evil eye jewellery evil eye artist evil eye production in istanbul

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