Gold foil Murano Beads

millefiori glass beadsCreate your own Italian style jewelry pieces at Island Cove Beads & Gallery

Did you know…in the 13th century, Italian leaders moved their world-renowned glass artisans off the mainland? Fearing the architecture of Venice, made predominantly of wood at the time, would be vulnerable to fire, they ordered their glassmakers to move their production facilities to the island of Murano in 1291.

Millefiori glass beads

The term “millefiori” is a combination of the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers). Millefiori glass beads date back to the late 1840’s when they were also referred to as mosaic beads. The hand-picked selection of millefiori glass beads available at Island Cove’s October trunk show includes the spheres and drops shown below, plus a limited supply of vintage beads.

blue gold foil Venetian glass drop beadsVenetian Heart beads – falling in love with the art of Italian glass

The Italian culture is famous for romance – its language, art, music, and fashion inspires lovers all over the world. So of course, the Venetian glass bead collection would include a few puffy hearts, swelling with shimmer and bold color.

Gold Foil beads – squares, twists, pendants – imagine the possibilities

Wait til you see these beauties in person – the crackled gold foil, organic shapes, and glossy finish are a feast for the eyes – and the perfect addition to your bold designs. Choose just one for an accent bead, pick two for a matching set of earrings, or scoop up a handful to make a truly unique, bold piece to gift or keep for yourself. The metallic accents are rich and regal – perfect for the holiday season. Or if you’re like me, you’re ready to rock a little Italian bling all year long!

pink heart Venetian glass beads gold foil Venetian glass heart beads Aqua gold foil Venetian glass square beads gold silver foil Venetian glass twist beads

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