Heat beads Fire pit

Red Ember Richland 48 in. Round Propane Fire Pit Table with Decorative ScrollArizona Sands Fire Pit Table Arizona Sands

Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table

The Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table is 36" round and stands 24" tall, with a durable, hardy slate table top on a wrought iron powder coated frame. " This particular unit molds a hint of the Sahara with aquiline hardware."

Red Ember Richland 48 in. Round Propane Fire Pit Table with Decorative Scroll Hayneedle

Red Ember Richland 48 in. Round Propane Fire Pit Table with Decorative Scroll

The Red Ember Richland 48 in.Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table Round Propane Fire Pit Table with Decorative Scroll is a weatherproof cast aluminum table that centers around a stainless steel burner and bowl full of glass fire beads. The fire pit table is designed with decorative scrollwork and detailed designs in hammered bronze finish the base and top.

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Largo 36 x 58 in. Rectangle Fire Pit Table O.W. Lee

Red Ember Longmont 45 in. Square Propane Fire Pit TableO.W. Lee Casual Fireside Largo 36 x 58 in. Rectangle Fire Pit Table

The O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Largo 36 x 58 in. Rectangle Fire Pit Table is customizable to fit within any decor color and style. "With a rugged frame of wrought iron, this rectangular fire-pit supports a wide burner that runs the length of the table and uses a standard propane canister. Around the burner is a wide surface that can be customized with a full range of materials, from tile to cast aluminum.Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table Inside that burner you've got a number of media choices that range from traditional ceramic logs to chic pebbles of fire-proof glass. Pick the finish of your choice for the frame and you'll discover that you've created a new outdoor centerpiece that's uniquely you."

Mezzo Round Fire Table Mezzo

Mezzo Round Fire Table

"Define your outdoor space with the clean design of a Real Flame Mezzo Round Fire Table. Cast from a high performance, lightweight fiber-concrete with an outdoor safe finish, this fire table comes complete with lava rock filler and a weatherproof cover for when the table is not in use. The Mezzo Collection carries an ETL Certification and features an electronic ignition. Collection available in Flint Grey or Antique White finishes."

Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table Uptown

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Largo 36 x 58 in. Rectangle Fire Pit Table Mezzo Round Fire Table

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