Love beads 2011 Pandora

Pandora Style BeadsVideo #214: “The Troll or Pandora beads… are so amazingly popular and I would love to learn how to make them.” ~Cheryl-V

Well it’s finally here… the tutorial that many of you have been patiently waiting for!

Pandora Beads and others of this style (Caspia, Troll, Chamilia, Trinkets), are very popular today because of their collectibility and interchangeable features. Basically, the way this type of jewelry works, is that you buy the large holed, metal lined beads individually, and then slide them onto the specially designed bracelet, necklace or earring blanks, to get different looks. Sort of the modern version of a charm bracelet.

Real Pandora beads/charms range from simple silver lined glass beads at $40 a piece, to 14K lined Art Glass Beads at $270 each. At that price, it is no surprise that jewelry makers are making their own versions of this popular bead style, using various materials, including polymer clay!

It took some experimenting, but I eventually figured out a fool proof way to add Sterling Silver Cores (plus other types of grommets as well), to your polymer clay beads… with perfectly aligned holes and a professional finish. It’s super simple too! You are going to love how easy this is!

Hi Cindy, last year we (our clay family) talked some in the blog about learning how to make the “Troll” or “Pandora” beads. Do you have any plans in the near future to do a tutorial on those beads? They are so amazingly popular and I would love to learn how to make them while they are still a hot ticket item. Thank you! ~Cheryl-V

I have been thinking about Pandora beads too… have no idea how these are finished cleanly. Any chance Cindy of a tut in the near future? ~DJ

I’d like to see Pandora-style (metal-lined, big-hole) beads. I haven’t actually made any, and while I can think of two specific approaches I’d try if I did, it would be great to see how Cindy would tackle them. ~Sue-F

Hey Sue! I’m with you… learning to make that Pandora style beads would be very interesting. ~Aims

I only just started making jewelry over the winter because I wanted to try to duplicate those expensive “Troll” and “Pandora” bracelets that are getting so popular now. I discovered polymer clay when I was having trouble finding “just the right bead” for my projects. I dove right into the clay and love working with it. ~Cathy-M

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