Wholesale Pony beads USA

Yellow Pony Beads

We are the leading UK distributor for Preciosa Ornela and our collection includes a large selection of their Czech seed beads and small glass beads such as the very popular pip beads. We now stock seed beads and superduos from Matubo and have a good range of the CzechMates beads. We also offer top quality fire-polished beads, crystal bicones, glass pearls, pressed glass and wooden beads from the Czech Republic.

A large range of bright wooden beads and exotic wooden beads and shell from Philippines is available.

We also have a very wide range of acrylic and plastic beads. Our lucite flowers are available in over 20 colours.

Other ranges include semi-precious stones, sequins, trimmings and jewellery components from China, leather cord, glass and crystal beads from India, a huge range of Japanese seed beads, squares and delicas from Miyuki and high quality imitation pearls from Japan which we can dye to order. We also stock sterling silver and chain. We have a large collection of beautiful jewellery kits.

We are also the main UK distributor for pony beads and novelty beads from The Beadery, USA.

In addition to our standard stock of pony beads and novelty beads, wholesale pony beads and novelty beads in additional colours and shapes are available by special order and regular delivery is assured.

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