Cut flowers water beads

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Water beads! Nifty, little polymer beads for sensory play!

! You’ve likely heard of them. They’re all the buzz in the preschool circles and among the kid-blogs at the moment. They’re cool, little polymer beads that start off not much bigger than a grain of sand. You soak them in water, and as they hydrate they get to be about the size of a marble. Originally, water beads were intended for floral purposes – to be added to a vase of cut flowers. They’re much more fun for sensory play though. At lease we think so! Have a look, and tell us what you think!

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I was so excited when my arrived in the mail yesterday, I couldn’t even wait for the hooligans. My son and I dug right in to them, and soaked them right then and there.

We soaked a couple of colours, and my boys tried them out last night and LOVED them. Matthew (13), said “These are the best things in the whole house! If I was in the daycare, I’d play with them all day”. I have to agree. They are SOOOOO cool.

Today, the Hooligans got to play with them. We dumped the 2 colours in a plastic tote and took them outside to play. They were a huge hit.

A big thank-you to all the creative Momma’s out there for sharing their water-bead fun on their blogs! I never would have known about these little gems otherwise!!

Cosmo Beads Water Pearls Gel Beads- Wedding & Event Centerpieces- Cosmo Beads (Tm)-makes 3 Gallons (4 Oz. Pack) (Black)
Health and Beauty (Cosmo Beads)
  • Get the sparkles of diamonds in your Wedding & Event centerpieces. Simply elegance for your displays, with Cosmo Beads (Tm) Brand Premium Colorful Water Balls...
  • Perfect for: Parties & Wedding Centerpiece, decoration, Fresh cut flower and Bamboo, Floating candles, Air Freshener, etc.
  • Harvest Size: 4 oz.of Crystal Soil Water Beads Size (diameter):Dry: 2.5-3.0mm. Hydrated: 1.5-2.0cm) dry under maximum hydration (12 hrs.) will yield about 3 gallon...
  • Reusable up to 2 years, Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable.
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DekCell Magic Crystal Soil Water Beads for the Parties & Wedding Centerpiece,Decoration,Fresh Cut Flower and Bamboo, Floating candles, Air Freshener
Single Detail Page Misc (DekCell)
  • 10 Bag of Crystal Soil Water Beads.
  • An odorless, decorative substitute for soil.
  • For use indoors with all types of plants.About 4 hours it will grow up
  • Perfect for Parties & Wedding Centerpiece,decoration,Fresh cut flower and Bamboo, Floating candles, Air Freshener, etc
  • Harvest Size: 3 grams of Crystal Soil dry under maximum hydration (24 hrs) will yield about 2 cups of round bouncy crystal soil beads
12 Pack Combo Sooper BeadZ® Decoration Vase Filler - Water Beads Gel - 12 Colors - 5 grams per pack make over a quart per pack - Wedding Decoration Vase Filler - Furniture Decorative Vase Filler - ALMOST 3 GALLONS of BEADS TOTAL
Home (Sooper Saving)
  • Many uses for fun, decorations, Furniture Decoration, Learning tools, Sensory Bins & Tables, Science Projects perfect for centerpieces, any Floral design, Weddings...
  • Beautiful bold COLORFAST color in each bead - 12 different colors, including clear
  • Perfect for centerpieces, vase filler, any Floral design, Weddings, Showers parties
  • Lots of bouncy water gel beads
  • Each pack makes about 1 quart hydrated water gel beads/pearls per pack. For a huge total of 3 GALLONS
LAW 2 Overstuffed 12+ Gram Packets of Clear JellyBeadZ gel, will make over 20 cups of Beautiful Bouncy BeadZ
Home (LAW)
  • The amount you will receive will become about 20 cups total of hydrated water pearls. The gels are packaged in two Overstuffed bags with each hydrating into about...
  • The Transparent Water Gels is a good source of water for fresh cut flowers or plants. They pair beautifully with the pearl beads and almost any other decoration.
  • The oversized floating pearl beads are the hottest trend in centerpieces! You can use our transparent water gels to float the pearl beads, candles, decorations flowers...
  • The product you re buying is the clear water bead gel NOT the actual pearl beads or any other decorations. We sell the pearl beads separately and all of our pearls...
Vase Filler 1 X Vase Filler Gel Beads TURQUOISE - 4oz Makes 3 Gallons - Water Storing Gel
Art and Craft Supply (Vase Filler)
  • Ideal for candle, silk & cut flower arrangements, centerpieces and more
  • Makes over 3 Gallons
  • Great for weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations, etc
  • Can be layered with other colors
  • Beads are turquoise
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