Stop beads moving Pandora Bracelet

How to Add Pandora Beads to a BraceletPandora bracelets offer wearers the opportunity to create their own design that is as unique as they are. The that are placed on each bracelet are sold separately and can be chosen to fit the style vision of the wearer. Placing Pandora beads on a bracelet is a simple process that takes just a bit of planning and effort.

About Pandora Beads and Bracelets

Pandora charm bracelets are specifically made to be used in conjunction with beads manufactured by the same company. These beads are made in a variety of designs that reflect the personality of the wearer. People who own a Pandora bracelet have the opportunity to choose the beads that best fit their personality to create a unique combination.

Adding Pandora Beads to a Bracelet

The process of placing Pandora beads on a bracelet is easy to complete, and the end result is a personalized bracelet. Pandora bracelets and beads can often be given as gifts to show a loved one that the gift giver knows the design preferences of the recipient. Alternatively, people can give the base Pandora bracelet as a gift and allow their friends or loved ones to choose the beads they would like. The steps for adding Pandora beads to a bracelet can then be followed to create the finished piece.

1. Evaluate Placement

People who purchase several beads at once should start the process of adding beads by determining how they would like to design the bracelet. Set up the beads next to the bracelet to get the order right before starting.

2. Open the Bracelet

The clasp of the bracelet can be easily opened. Avoid jerking or tugging at the ends to prevent damage.

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