4MM Gemstone Beads UK

Natural Turquoise Teardrops 3x5mm A+ Grade 16Our natural Turquoise beads are genuine turquoise and all of the beads are of exceptional quality. The beads are sourced from specific mines recognised for their rigorous grading standards. Natural turquoise beads are graded based on their appearance, with those that are uniform in colour and appearance being the higher quality.

The grades are as follows;

AA The highest quality flawless beads and the most rare.

A+ Almost all flawless and fairly uniform in colour and fairly rare.

A Most are flawless and similar in their colour.

AB+ Some slight inclusions and colour variations.

AB A fair amount of inclusions and shades may vary slightly.

B+ Contain some inclusions and a few minor flaws.

B Some flaws and inclusions, yet still a high quality bead.

Please note that none of our natural turquoise beads are below a B grade as we always strive to provide the highest quality beads. The beads really are stunning, and all are polished to give them an excellent finish, allowing you make something really special. Owning these beads is a rare opportunity due to the Turquoise mines starting to close, making the beads a real investment.

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