Gemstone Beads Wholesale USA

We are not the run of the mill bead business. We are a select and limited quantity high quality gemstone bead company. We add items every day. We also sell out of 5 to 20 items a day.

Mission Statement

Turquoise Magpie Gemstones provides high quality beads at an exceptional price, with honesty, respect, and integrity. We offer our expertise, from years of selling jewelry and beads, to provide exceptional quality products that will increase the likelihood of everyone's success. We also make decisions that are in the best interest of suppliers, buyers, local economy, the environment, the international bead and jewelry community.

Below is an explanation of how we will fulfill this promise:

Product Sourcing and Pricing

We have years of experience in the trade, having successfully sold jewelry in every venue imaginable. We have developed many knowledgeable and trustworthy connections. We have an eye for design, market trends and knowledge of products that will sell, and we have the resources and connections to procure those products. This is the entire package you receive when you buy from TMG.

Magpie Gemstones Mission We pledge to seek out the finest product at the best price to ensure the success of our clients. When we have the choice and the knowledge, we choose products and services that have been produced under a true fair trade model, from artists and small family owned and run operations. We attempt to support the craft people who make our product whenever possible and to the best of our ability.

We take very seriously our responsibility to our clients to keep prices down. We accomplish this goal by keeping our overhead low: we work out of a warehouse that is attached to our home, use vehicles that get good gas mileage, build our own websites, limit travel, turn off lights and computers when not in use, etc. For example, leaving computers on all night is a business cost and must be added to cost of doing business and eventually must be added to the cost of beads.

We do several little things that add up synergistically to take care of clients' wallets as well as our environment. In that vein we do not spend your money extravagantly on advertising, catalogues, or unnecessary travel. For advertising, we rely mostly on word of mouth, and that has been working very well.

We have a responsibility to the people who rely on our products and services for their supplies and we take that responsibility seriously.

We make decisions that will keep us in business for the long term. You can count on us that if you become dependent on us as a supplier we will be here. We are weathering this financial storm with our business practice.

Sharing of Information

We build up our community through sharing. This includes sharing of design ideas, business concepts, knowledge and experience acquired over two decades. We share this information freely with the community because this is a passion, not just a business. We can all be a small part in making this world a better place to live by doing what we are passionate about and our goal is to support you in doing so.

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