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Ohm Beads Death BarrelsIn August we were treated to the Ohm Beads Death Barrels 2015, which not only extended the line of glass but also delivered a quirky complement to the new Teddy Scares charms.

One of the most popular designs of the new release was the . It’s such a stunning bead though not the easiest to actually use perhaps. Here’s my dedicated review.

Ohm Beads Poisoned Apple

Firstly it’s worth mentioning that these beads do vary. They’re predominantly red but with flashes of blue, green, yellow and even orange. It’s this mix of colours that differs between beads.

Ohm Beads Death Barrels

I have to confess I’ve been wearing these predominantly on a bangle but I felt that I at least needed to attempt a complete bracelet. The name itself made me immediately think of fairy tales so that’s precisely the theme of my bracelet.

The glass on this bracelet is mainly Ohm Beads though a couple of the Katzenmaiers Olive Pearls and my new Pandora Olive Fascinating have also sneaked in. The silver beads are a mix of Ohm Beads, Trollbeads, Elfbeads and Redbalifrog and were chosen for their fantasy themes.

Finally a few images of the completed bracelet.

Ohm Beads

Ohm Beads Poisoned Apple Ordering Details

For those of you coveting this bead, it’s available both directly from or my recommended retailers below:-

Ohm Beads Poisoned Apple Summary

This is such a lovely bead for autumn. The colours feel ideal for the season but they are very vibrant and therefore not super easy to use. This bracelet really stepped out of my comfort zone as I tend to like matching complementary shades where this has a lot of contrasts. Still I felt that I just needed to embrace the eclectic aesthetic of the bead.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Ohm Beads Poisoned Apple? Did you indulge in this bead or is it on your wishlist? How have you been using it or how would you use it? Hit the comments and let me know!

Ohm Beads Ohm Beads Ohm Beads Ohm Beads

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