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Jewelry Craft Supplies- Tools, Beads, and Findings

Jewelry making is a craft form that has been around for thousands of years. It is a form of personal adornment, manifesting itself as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewelry has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings and many more types of jewelry. While traditional jewelry is usually made with gemstones and precious metals, such as silver and gold, there is also a growing demand for art jewelry where design and creativity is prized above material value. In addition, there is the less costly costume jewelry, made from lower value materials and often mass-produced. Other variations include wire sculpture (wrap) jewelry, using anything from base metal wire with rock tumbled stone to precious metals and precious gemstones. As the evolution of jewelry making has grown, so has the availailty of jewelry craft supplies.

Jewelry Making Tips and Everything You Need to Get Started | Discount Craft Supplies

Wire/Stringing Material

  • Plastic beads - beads in a variety of shapes and sizes from molded plastic. This category covers inexpensive perler and pony beads for kids, as well as fashionable and interesting pendants for costume jewelry.


  • Wire looping pliers - top jaw has three tiers designed specifically for forming three loop sizes. Lower jaw is concave and fits over the looping jaw to allow for easy bending.

Jewelry Making Techniques

Sometimes, just having simple jewelry craft supplies is enough and it is all about proper technique. Here are a few jewelry craft supplies that can help achieve a custom and one of a kind piece:

Wire Wrapping

Use wire as a decorative element in your jewelry. Wrap it around your pliers to make spirals and shapes. Create kinks and angles in the wire by gripping the wire tightly with a pair of needle nose pliers and bending it. Wire can be wrapped around itself or other objects for creative jewelry. Use a wire wrapping technique to create a unique pendant out of an ordinary object.


String beads in any order you wish. Create knots to keep them in place. Beads come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different materials


Use hemp, rope, or embroidery floss to create beautiful knotted jewelry. There are many different knots available for a unique look. You can easily add a bead stringing it onto one strand, and then continuing the knot.

Chain Jewelry

Purchase a chain as is and add pendants with jump rings for a handmade charm bracelet or necklace.

Projects Using Jewelry Making

BRCbeads 8mm 250pcs GREEN COLOR Tiny Satin Luster Glass Pearls Round Loose Beads + FREE Plastic Jewelry Container Box Wholesale Assorted Mix Lot For Jewelry Making
Art and Craft Supply (BRC Creative Corp.)
  • Condition: Glass Pearl / Free gift is included
  • Color: Green color; Assorted with 10 colors
  • Material: Glass Beads With Pearl Treatment
  • Quantity: 250pcs per box
  • Note: All beads are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture.
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eCrafty eCrafty EC-372 Jewelry Maker's Lampwork Crystal Glass Beads, 125gm, Mix Blue Floral
Art and Craft Supply (eCrafty)
  • ECrafty s specially created custom mix of only hand-blown lamp work glass and crystal beads 125 grams, about 1/4 pound
  • Over 50 custom produced hand-blown lamp work glass and crystal beads in our protective clamshell packaging
  • Bead size range: 4-25mm each 1/6 crystals up to 1 lamp work glass beads - most sized in between
  • Holes range from 5mm (crystal) to 15mm (lamp work)
  • Our protective clamshell packaging can double as a bead storage container
FMG Wire Wrapped Glass Beads Gold Handmade Mixed Color Rondelle Beads 7x4 - 11x6 mm Pkg of 25 Beads ...
Art and Craft Supply (FMG)
  • 25 Gold Finished Brass Wire Wrapped Rondelle Beads - 7x4mm-11x6mm
  • Glass Links Are Spiral Wrapped By Hand with Gold-Finished Brass Wire
  • Colors Can Include Red, Yellow, Blue,Pink, Green and More.
  • All Glass Beads Are Rondelle In Shape
  • Easy To Attach To All Your Wire Wrapping Jewelry Designs
Books & More 4 Less 1 Strand Glass Loose Beads Round Blue Pink Mottled 10mm Approx. 84 Beads
Art and Craft Supply (Books & More 4 Less)
  • Quantity: 1 Strand
  • Dia.10mm
  • Color: Blue Pink Mottled
  • Lenght: 80.5cm (31-6/8 )
  • Approx. 84 beads for one strand
Factory Direct Craft Package of Deep Dark Translucent Cobalt Blue Glass Gems for Fairy Gardens, Crafting, and Table Scatter- 4 12 Ounce Bags
Art and Craft Supply (Factory Direct Craft)
  • Package of Deep Dark Translucent Cobalt Blue Glass Gems for Fairy Gardens, Crafting, and Table Scatter- 4 12 Ounce Bags
  • Add to a floral container, use for party decorating or craft projects
  • Each Marble Measures: 5/8-3/4 inches in Diam.
  • Each package has Approx. 12 ozs. you will receive 4 packages
  • Use for Table Scatter, To Fill Vases, in Crafts and More
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