Deco beads water Crystals

These polymer pearls are created by simply adding water and can hold 100 times their weight in water! This causes the water absorbent beads to expand into perfect miniature spheres. Use them to add some extra color to your decorating scheme, centerpiece, candlescape, floral arrangement etc. Use separately or mix colors in one vase for a stellar effect!

Water pearls are reusable and will fit down the smallest vase openings (i.e. tower vases) Non-toxic and biodegradable. These items are excellent for vases and work extremely well with our LED Submersible Lighting!

You'll be able to make about 1.5 gallons of pearls for $8.99! Our small jelly pearls measure about 1/2" (10mm) when filled with water! They make quite a beautiful statement!

Some incredible additional information about this item:

- If you use super hot water, the beads will grow twice as fast!
- When these are wet, they will last 2-3 years!
- You can dry them out and re-hydrate them up to 6 times! Just store in a plastic bag! If they never completely dry out, they will last for years.
- Float candles in the pearls! The wax will not stick to the pearls.
- Use for cut flowers. No additional water is needed for flowers (except for WILL need to add more water for roses)
- Grow your plants in them, such as bamboo!
- Add to your potting soil to help your plantings retain more moisture. Add some of these to Miracle Grow at initial feeding!
- When using the CLEAR color balls, you can add some food coloring and make them any color you'd like! Or, add our Acolyte Submersible LED lights for easy color change and no mess!

The SMALL beads will grow to be 10mm (about 1/2").

DO NOT flush down the drain! These WILL re-hydrate and clog up your plumbing. Because they are biodegradeable, if you are finished with them, simply throw them in the trash. Or instead of throwing them out, consider putting them in your dirt at home to hydrate your plants.

Lasts up to 2 Years! I personally (Katie from ShopWildThings) have 3 bamboo plants at home growing exclusively in Water Pearls. They have been growing using the SAME BEADS for 2 years. I just add water when the beads get a little dehydrated (they get smaller)...and that's it!

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