Wooden beads and Pendants

Among all the colorful beads we offer here at Antelope Beads is a collection of beautiful, natural Bulahan beads. Predominantly made of wood but also offered in other natural materials, these wooden jewelry beads add a whole new layer of complexity to a piece of beaded jewelry. Bright and rich natural tones are the emphasis of these Bulahan beads, with minimal design work done to the surface of the beads so their natural beauty can show through. Choose your beads by material, shape or gauge of cord hole and create a warm and natural piece of jewelry that’s perfect as an accent piece for your colorful outfits or as a gift. Our Bulahan wood beads are ethically harvested using sustainable practices required by the Filipino government to maintain the special licenses our supplier has to harvest wood. Share your designs with us so we can see the beautiful pieces you create with these unique beads!

Bulahan Beads by Type of Wood, Seed or Natural Material Bulahan Beads by Shape Bulahan Beads All
Bulahan Large Wood Hole Beads

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