Ladies Bead Necklaces

Recycled Magazine & Calendar Hand Rolled Bead Necklaces

Novel, beautiful, and recycled, it just can't get any better than that.

We offer these necklaces from three women's groups:

one in Kenya and two in Uganda, Africa.

You can accessorize, look fabulous, save the planet and give women in Kenya and Uganda a better life with our unique and eye-popping necklaces made out of recycled magazines! Give a splash of color to your look - and a tidal wave of compassion to our earth and some of the women on it.

Created to help women worldwide gain economic security for themselves and their families by earning fair wages for their handiwork, two different women's groups off these fair-trade imported, eco-friendly products. By supporting long-term partnerships with the artisans, they fosters equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions, technical assistance, and development strategies to help reduce poverty, one community at a time.

These necklaces are made from beads of glossy paper from old calendars and brochures, some with hand blown glass beads and native seeds interspersed. Each beads has been hand rolled by disadvantaged women. These women have formed a bead making cooperative to create a better life for themselves and their children. They use paper that would normally be thrown away because it is no longer useful (i.e. out of date calendars, colorful magazines and other similar colorful papers). The result is an almost endless variety of colorful beads and one of a kind necklaces and other jewelry. Through the cooperative, they are able to provide for their families and raise their standard of living. Your purchase helps these women and their...

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