NFL Tile and Bead Necklaces

Scrabble Tile Necklaces and More!

Each month, I look forward to getting together with some of my in-person crafty friends and making a project together! I started organizing our “Crafty Ladies” group at the beginning of this year, and we’ve made some really fun things, like our Decorative Wooden Blocks, Fabric Covered Flowerpots, and Wooden Eggs. This month, due to Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and vacations, only four of us were able to get together, but we had a great time making Scrabble Tile Necklaces plus some beaded jewelry.

Scrabble Tile Necklaces are one of the easiest jewelry projects to create! Here’s what you need:


- wooden tiles {Mine are actually from a Scrabble game, but you can order or buy them on Etsy or in a craft store.}

- jewelry bails

- scrapbook paper

- Mod Podge: Glossy

- Mod Podge: Dimensional Magic

- Mod Podge: Glitter {optional}

- super glue or jewelry glue

- scissors

- necklace chain

Step 1: First, choose your scrapbook paper and trace the scrabble tile on the back side of it so you won’t see the pencil line. Cut out the square.

Step 2: Paint a very thin coat of Glossy or Matte Mod Podge on the tile and stick the scrapbook paper on top of it. Press it down and smooth out any bubbles.

Step 3: Then, paint a very thin coat of the Mod Podge on top as well as on the four edges to seal the paper in place. Most of us chose to use Glitter Mod Podge for this part.

Step 4: Add a thin coat of Dimensional Magic on just the top and let it dry completely.

Step 5: When it’s totally dry, glue a jewelry bail to the back and add it to a chain. You want to do the bail last, because otherwise the tile won’t lay flat while the Dimensional Magic is drying and it will look strange…trust me.

These are actually really quick to make, but take a long time to dry, so we had to find something to occupy us while we waited. I pulled out my bead box and everyone went to town making earrings.

Here are the three pairs I created.

I’m loving the fun turquoise star beads Little Crafter found at Michaels! And the dark purple pearls were on a long string that cost just 99 cents! What a deal! I’ve just started using decorative head pins for beads with holes that are too large for a standard head pin. I really like the look, especially on the light purple pair!

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