Garnet beads Necklace

Item: almj104x_red-garnet-necklace
This genuine red garnet necklace is 18" long (45cm), available in 3 diameter sizes: 4mm, 6mm, and 7.5mm
This beautiful almandine garnet round bead necklace was made from natural color purplish-red garnet pieces with superior gem-grade transparency that were mined in Africa. The lightly included beautiful garnet beads were hand-ground and then polished, drilled, strung and fit in this natural red garnet necklace with a sterling silver clasp. The photo at left shows a close-up. See also a full-view photo of this natural red garnet jewelry design.
We have these beautiful round almandine red garnet necklaces available in a 4mm diameter bead size, a 6mm diameter bead size, and also in a rare extra large 7.5mm diameter bead size. Please see below to order.
: almj138x
These genuine red garnet bracelets are available in several diameter sizes (please see below)
Polished from natural almandine garnet crystals found in Northern Brazil 

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These natural almandine red garnet bracelets were handcrafted from natural color deep red garnet crystals that were mined in Brazil. These semi-transparent red garnets were hand-ground into rounded shapes and then polished, drilled, and strung on an elastic band into these natural red garnet bracelets. See also a close-up view photo of these natural red garnet bracelets held to a light. !
We have these genuine garnet bracelets available in several bead diameter sizes. Please see below to order.
: almj139x
This natural garnet crystal bracelet is available in two crystal sizes: from 8mm to 9mm, and an extra large 10mm size (please see below)
These wonderful garnet crystal bracelets are strung with natural terminated red garnet crystals! Most of the garnet crystals are in very good condition and are completely covered with natural terminations, and a few of the crystals have some broken surfaces. These semi-transparent red garnet crystals have completely natural deep red color. They were drilled and strung on an elastic band in this genuine garnet crystal bracelet fitting wrist sizes up to size 7. See also a close-up view photo of these garnet crystals held to a light.

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