Seed beads Stitching by Beth Stone

CoverKalmbach Publishing, Co., 2007 - 95 Seiten

"Beadwork is a puzzle with infinite solutions, " says author and bead artist Beth Stone. In "Seed Bead" "Stitching, " she explores the myriad possibilities for creating jewelry with colorful seed beads and beautiful accents such as pearls and gemstones. Step-by-step photographs and illustrations guide readers through the basics of classic stitches and inventive variations, showing them everything they need to create gorgeous beaded jewelry. For beginners, there is an introduction to the basics of beads, threads, and bead-stitching techniques; for intermediate and advanced beaders, there are creative variations and lesser-known stitches. Perfect for beaders at every level, "Seed Bead Stitching" helps every crafter solve the puzzle of beadwork in beautiful and innovative ways.

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